Ramsay Style Scrambled Eggs

When I began writing on this blog many moons ago my very first post was a scrambled egg recipe which I arrogantly declared as the “ultimate slow carb breakfast”.  After 2 years of eating it I was sure that it would be my go to for life but in a surprising turn of events over the last several months I have come to abandon this recipe.  Bags of frozen veggies sitting in my freezer and several unused jars of salsa lay claim to this.  What changed was an experiment with several taboo food items and the inevitable victory of amazing flavor.

I began hearing about the benefits of high quality grass fed butter through Dave Asprey and his website The Bulletproff Executive.  He advocates the use of a recipe he coined as Bulletproof Coffee for everyday use and also as an option for intermittent fasting.  The science behind it has to do with healthy fats and their effect on mental performance (along with caffeine).  So being no stranger to body hacking (a la the 4 Hour Body) this seemed like something I absolutely would have to try out.

The basic recipe for Bulletproof Coffee is coconut oil (or Asprey’s proprietary version of this called MCT Oil), butter from grass fed cows, and coffee all mixed together in a blender.  Drinking melted butter may turn off quite a few people but I actually thought the taste wasn’t too bad and was much like drinking a coconut flavored latte.  Unfortunately there is a major drawback.  I found that after drinking these a film of butter would remain on your teeth and mouth which was a bit off putting and led me to abandon the recipe completely.  However, I discovered a way to get the same ingredients in a more palatable form.

I was already a coffee drinker and also had been experimenting with kale shakes to which I added melted coconut oil (more about both those topics to come in a future post).  The only remaining item was the butter and scrambled eggs were obviously the perfect vessel for this.  My inspiration for this recipe came from Gordon Ramsay’s youtube video for Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon.  Although this may take a bit longer to prepare and is more labor intensive than my original breakfast recipe for Scrambled Eggs w/ Mixed Veggies and Salsa the result is incredibly better tasting.

The downside to this recipe compared to the other one is it doesn’t have all the veggies built into it but here are a few options to consider:

Slow Carb Strict Note: Butter is not allowed on the Slow Carb Diet but can easily be replaced with Ferriss approved Ghee.

Paleo Strict Note: By definition of the Paleo Diet butter would not have been consumed by Paleolithic humans so should not be allowed.  However, some make an exception for Ghee since when you break it down its not all that different than other sources of animal saturated fat (http://paleodietlifestyle.com/the-many-virtues-of-butter/).

Bonus points: The photos include three different versions of this recipe.  Can you identify which one was made using eggs from a local farmer as opposed to store bought?

Ramsay Style Scrambled Eggs

By May 4, 2013

Serves: 1



First start with good quality eggs and butter, this will make all the difference in the nutrient content and taste.  Place a non-stick frying pan over LOW heat (Gordan likes his sauce pan for this but cleanup is easiest with non-stick and most people have a non-stick frying pan).  Add butter to the pan and melt.  After butter is melted crack the eggs directly in the pan, this has the added bonus of one less bowl to cleanup.  Using a silicone spatula mix the eggs and butter together until uniformly consistent.

The key to this recipe is the following step: I wouldn't say you need to constantly stir the eggs but definitely keep them going at fairly consistent intervals after 10-20 seconds breaks.  You want the end result to be creamy and I find this occurs soon after the point where they are solid yet slimy in appearance.  In my opinion it is better to under cook rather than over cook.  Remember the eggs will continue cooking from their own heat after being removed from the pan.

When finished plate the eggs, add a pinch of salt and black pepper, and any additional ingredients that you fancy (see suggestions listed in the ingredients).


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